Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Utilizing hot water is ideal while smoking a bong.

When bongs are filled with ice-cold water from the tap, the smoke is filtered, significantly cooled, and produces hits that are both powerful and smooth. Adding ice cubes to their water bongs is a viable method for many individuals to get the desired effect. After the water has been used to filter the smoke, the well-known “ice catcher” consists of a chamber filled with ice. After the water has filtered the smoke, it is immediately transferred to this chamber.

Why is hot water preferred in a bong?

It turns out that the smooth and nonabrasive character of the e-nails blows produced by hot water are greatly prized. According to users, it is also supposed to have a very gentle effect on the trachea and lungs. This is likely attributable to the increased concentration of water vapour in e-cigarette smoke compared to other types of smoking.

Why Does Smoke Filtered Through Hot Water Have a Distinct Appearance?

At first look, there seems to be no difference between hot and cold water in terms of the temperature of smoke flowing through a pipe. There are much more complex systems at work inside a water pipe than just exchanging heat with the surrounding air.

As water temperature increases, the following factors may have an effect on smoke quality:

Water has a viscosity

As water heats, its viscosity decreases, making it more liquid-like. During the smoking process, the viscosity is decreased, resulting in the formation of smaller bubbles. In terms of bubble size, warmer water will create more little bubbles, whereas colder water will produce more huge bubbles.


When the water is hotter, it is not surprising that the smoke is more humid. As a consequence, a complex physical process known as gas-particle partitioning influences the particle size of smoke. Consequently, this may explain why the smoke is less annoying after passing through hot water as opposed to cold water.

THC crystallisation

Some claim that THC in water bongs will crystallise when exposed to cold water, while others say it will remain in droplet form when warm water is used.

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