Friday Mar 24, 2023

Use of Straw Bales for Construction Purposes


Straw bale is a large package of raw or finished straws tightly bound with twine or wire and often wrapped. Straw bale is considered to be a waste product but it can be used for many purposes. timothy hay for sale Straw bale is durable, hence can be sold for bedding of animals, landscape supply, and can also be used in construction.

The plant material that dries if left in the fields after a plant has fully matured is known as straw. A matured straw can be harvested for seed and is no longer alive. The bales are usually burned in most of the areas of the united states resulting in air pollution.

Straw bale is mainly used for construction purposes in most of the parts of the world as the use of straw bale in construction is a less expensive alternative than that of constructing walls that are highly insulated and costly. It helps to cut down the construction costs. Straw bales were first used for construction by the states of the plains in the late 19th century and early part of the 20th century. The structures or buildings build using straw bales are sturdy and strong. Many of buildings built with straw bales have stood the test of time and are still standing and hence can be used to build many buildings such as schools, commercial buildings, homes to cut down the cost of raw material.

The main reason for use of this type of construction method is the fact that it is an inexpensive method of construction. Straw bale is least expensive during harvest time as the added cost of storing the bales is factored. Thus its cost varies with the change in season. A straw bale must be protected from receiving moisture as it will make the straw bale less sturdy.

The other main advantage of constructing buildings using straw bales is that it has a very good resistance to fire. This property of straw bale is inherited when the straw is packed very tightly in the bale. Tightly baled straw does not allow much air into it thus not allowing for combustion and hence making it fire resistant.

Since the straw is baled very tightly and is thick it keeps pests out of the home and buildings. The plaster applied on the outside layer of the straw bale makes it non penetrable for the pests. The outside layer of plaster also helps to keep out small animals and rodents. Another reason for why straw is resistant to pests is the fact that the dead straw does not have much nutritional value that the pests would be attracted to hence making it pest resistant.

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