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Friday Jan 27, 2023

Split Bamboo Fencing Durable But Unique


Like all the different types of bamboo, split bamboo fencing is durable and strong Bamboo Fencing . It is used most often in areas where the weather is moderate and is a perfect material for use in tropical or desert climates.

If you decide to use split bamboo fencing, your fence will be very striking in appearance. If there is a downside to this bamboo, it is that it doesn’t stand up to climate conditions for nearly as long as a fence made out of regular solid bamboo.

Bamboo split fencing is different from regular bamboo fencing. Regular bamboo is used as it is grown, in one piece. The split type of bamboo, on the other hand, comes from only the outer part of bamboo shoots. The pieces are joined together with galvanized wire. This type of bamboo often comes in rolls for use in fencing.

Manufacturers use split bamboo to make bamboo fencing panels. Here’s how it’s done. The split poles are connected with six to eight rows of wire to make up the panel.

To keep the panels solid, heavy duty wire, often galvanized, is used along both top and bottom of each. Middle rows also have wire but this is usually some sort of rubber coated wire so the panels maintain a degree of flexibility when put on the frame.

Then these bamboo fencing panels are attached to wooden posts. Once the posts are placed in the ground you have an almost instant fence.

Be aware that the frame needs to be connected to wooden posts that are then set in the ground. Bamboo cannot come into direct contact with the ground or it will begin to deteriorate. To avoid this problem, it’s a simple matter to add wood along the bottom of the fence, so it fits under the bamboo panels.

Another way to make use of split fencing is to attach it to an outside wall and create an attractive focal point for your porch or patio. It can also be easily attached to an existing fence.

Bamboo that is split works especially well on wooden fences because it can lie flat against the fence boards. It’s easy to anchor it to the fence by stapling it securely at the top, middle and bottom. It’s a good idea to use stainless steel staples to avoid rust spoiling the appearance of the fencing. If the panels are too long, they can be cut to fit.

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