Saturday Sep 23, 2023

Real Love Never Hurts

After the Spirit within appears like a jump of faith since it leads in a direction that’s completely unlike the planet the 5 senses perceive. Trust, in this world, has previously been misplaced in persons, places, situations, and things and in the laws of lack (economics, physics, nutrition, friendships, families, and institutions).

Trusting the still Voice within must develop and become consistent, and miracles light the way. You might say the Holy Spirit features a major convincing job, though happily acim podcast, God’s Plan cannot fail because of it is already accomplished. The willingness to open around and accept the inner Correction could be the key.

Miracles show that there surely is a Real Love to place faith and rely upon and that everything works together for the Good. Miraculous experiences are VERY convincing, and the newest direction can occasionally seem to defend myself against a story book quality. Yet Awakening is both natural and inevitable, and letting get into the Call appears to be and more appealing as miracles fill the gap in your head that in fact never was there.

I am joined with you in trusting the Holy Spirit to lead the way.

Love & Peace,


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