Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Power up Your Coaching Income With Multiple Income Streams


Stop trading time for dollars! If you have been coaching for very long at all you have come to realize that, your time will place a limit on your income. Some coaches are able to charge extremely large amounts for coaching but the vast majority of coaches have to stay competitive with their market. Will charging top dollar in your market give you the increased income and flexibility you desire? The answer is probably no. To increase your income likely you will have to coach more hours then there goes you freedom and flexibility. Multiple streams of income will increase your revenue without increasing your work hours.agence de publicité Québec

What multiple income streams are possible for coaches?

All coaches should have a niche that they specialize in and within that niche; there are multiple topics to focus on. For example, I coach coaches on how to grow their coaching business so possible topics are, marketing, introductory sessions, pricing, internet marketing, networking, sales, writing and many more. Each one of these topics is a possible product.

What is a product?

You can and should develop several products from any coaching topic within your niche. A coaching product can be an eCourse, teleseminar, ebook, book, workshop, or special report.

How do i create a product?

I suggest you start with a blog. A blog should be used as your coaching central station. You can give information about your coaching business on the “home” page of you blog then write frequent blog posts about subjects of interest to your niche coaching market. Writing in your coaching blog 3-5 times a week will also help your search engine rankings because the search engines love fresh content. You clients and potential clients can see you as an expert and get to know you through your blog posts.

You can create articles from your blog posts by adding to a post or combining two related blog posts to form an article. Posting articles about your coaching business niche on EzineArticles is a fantastic way to reach people interested in your topic and position yourself as an expert.

Related blog posts are easily transformed into content for a teleclass, telecourse, eCourse, workshop or ebook. Get creative in using all of these communication and teaching tools and you will gain clients and expert status quickly.

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