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Friday Jan 27, 2023

Most popular CBD Capsules

Most popular CBD Capsules

Green Roads capsules and softgels are one of the easiest and most familiar ways for you to get your daily CBD dose. Each formula supports your overall well-being but two targeted formulas have become hot sellers and are considered amongst the best CBD capsules available.

CBD Softgels

These original softgels are formulated by pharmacists and provide you with an easy, one-step way to get your daily CBD. Each container holds 750 mg total cannabidiol (CBD)  300 mg per capsule cbd with 25 mg of CBD per capsule. They contain CBD isolate extracted from USA farmed hemp as well as hemp seed oil to improve bioavailability.

CBD Relax Capsules
The relax capsules contain CBD isolate along with a special blend that includes GABA and 5-HTP to help you unwind without feeling intoxicated. This blend of ingredients was specially designed by their in-house pharmacists. The capsules are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free.

CBD Sleep Capsules
The sleep capsules support your overall wellness and help you get better rest at night because they include 5 mg of melatonin per capsule. Along with the 5 mg of melatonin, you also get 25 mg of CBD per capsule and there are a total of 30 capsules in each container. They only use CBD isolate and run their products through independent lab tests for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Green Roads
Green Roads is an awesome brand because it was created by a licensed compounding pharmacist. The founder took a leap of faith, holding onto a personal mission, and that mission is expressed in the way Green Roads operates today. Their products have won awards and they’re well-recognized in the CBD industry because of the precision and efficacy of their CBD products.

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