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Friday Feb 03, 2023

Exactly what is a SWTOR Companion?

As you may already know, SWTOR is really a MMORPG game that enables you to play a character from the following 8 classes: Jedi knights, consulars, troopers, smugglers, bounty hunters, Sith warriors, Sith Inquisitors or as imperial agents. But through the entire game, you will even encounter other playable characters referred to as SWTOR companions. Each SWTOR companion has their particular special skills and levels up as you level up your personal character. As a result of this ability, SWTOR companions can show to be very useful companions, especially against bosses down the road in the game.

Any player can have up to 5 SWTOR companions at once but only 1 companion is going to be allowed onto your starship. As stated, your companions also provide their particular abilities, which can greatly aid you in battle. These abilities are categorized into 5 classes, which are:

Players will receive 1 SWTOR companion very early on in the game and may be the best companion based on the character class that you have chosen. kaws companion meaning As an example, in the event that you find the Sith Inquisitor, who is bad at melee attacks, your companion would have been a melee-tank since melee damage is going to be absorbed by the companion, whilst your Sith Inquisitor may use his ranged Force powers.

Any SWTOR companion can be used to craft, gather or even take part in missions. The simple task of gathering the nodes can be assigned to the player’s current companion. You’d normally right click the desired node to help make the companion gather it. Also, according to the level of your character’s gathering skill, companions can be sent to take gathering assignments, within the Crew Skills gathering system.

You can even decide to accomplish a companion’s solo mission, as each could have their particular individual storyline. If a player decides to accomplish a mission for his or her companion, this can alter the affection degree of the companion. Affection levels between your character and the companion can also help start many new quests, storylines and also reveal more in regards to the companion themselves.

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