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Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Android Developers Allowed to Offer In-App Payments In Google


Now that Google has officially released this feature, the secret is out – Android developers now have this in-app payment feature available due to a single line of code. One would think that this capability would take several pages or be more elaborate than just a simple script.

Most people who actively game are well aware of the phenomenon known as “in-app purchasing”. Apple recently had to fend off lawsuits over their policies regarding this because unsupervised kids were purchasing special tools, weapons, coins and other items available in the plethora of games. The kids were able to purchase these items because their parents credit card was on file at the Apple App Store.

This policy is brings out the best and brightest app developers to Android. In order to access the Android marketplace as a developer, a Google Checkout account will need to be created. This will allow you to pay for any app purchases through your Google account.

In-App purchases is a double-edged sword that has been received to mixed reviews. On the one hand, it provides a free and workable app that gives you extra options, which can speed up the game or help your level of play. This subsidizes the entire game for everyone and helps the developers offset costs and recoup their initial investment. By having in-app options, it also decreases the break-even necessary to determine the success or failure of the app.

You might have only a few thousand people download your app, bu decompile apk t those few thousand will remain active players of the game and take advantage of the in-app options, rather than have to rely on tens of thousands of downloads to recoup. On the other hand, there lies a potential for numerous problems. Android is already under fire for a variety of glitches and problems with its mobile apps and products, lawsuits and litigation, in general tend to eat up profits and drag on in court.

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